Hello August &
Another Season of
High School Sports
I certainly love sports. I watch all kinds of sports. When it comes to the Cincinnati Reds I am as big of fan as you will
fine. Not a day goes by – even in a year like this one – where I am not connected to the TV or radio. I love playing
and watching golf all summer long. I am a bigger NBA fan than most, and I even enjoy the summer soap opera
known as the NBA offseason. I love the NFL, fantasy football, college football, and college basketball perhaps is
the best of all of them. No matter what sport you pick chances are I am a bigger fan than most, but nothing
compares to the passion I have for high school sports.

As the calendar turns to August this past week, I was reminded once again – as I am every year at this time – why
this is such a great time of year. In a trip to school earlier this week, I arrived to the sound of the band playing the
fight song while the football team was practicing out back. The sound of volleyball practice was in the gym as I
walked to my classroom. This brought a smile to my face as I realized SVCsportszone.com was getting ready for its
10th season of covering SVC sports, the Triple Crown Family Fun Center SVC Sports Talk Online Radio Show was
ready for its 7th season, and throughout the season I will get the privilege of coaching high school sports for my
23rd straight season.

As always, I have my questions I can’t wait to get answered. Will Unioto volleyball hold off Adena and
Southeastern? Will Unioto golf return to the winner’s circle? How will the growing QBs close the gap on the top
teams that expect to reload? How will graduation and changing of schools influence cross country this fall? Can
soccer continue to build momentum as a league sport? How could the talent of Sylvia Gray impact the growth of
tennis at Unioto as well as the SVC over the next three seasons?

Other topics we are working on for SVC Sports Talk…What are your thoughts about kids repeating the 8th grade?
What is your feeling on kids transferring multiple times? Can major sports stories such as Kyrie Irving and Lonzo
Ball (and his crazy dad) influence high school sports? With the Ross County Fair going on this week, how should
high school coaches handle kids missing practice?

Let me know all your thoughts/questions for any of these topics. You can comment on Twitter or Facebook (both
SVCsportszone.com). You can also email the website at