I am a huge basketball fan. I thought Legg and Driggs both had incredible years, but how can a one sport athlete be considered the best overall athlete in the league. Just seems unfair to some of the kids who played and were successful in multiple sports.

I feel your comment is a legitimate concern, but I believe these two are definitely top five in terms of the Herbie Strange State Farm Insurance Athlete of the Year. The fact of the matter – and very unfortunate fact as far as I am concerned – there are not many three sport athletes in the league. I realize the fact that these two great basketball players do not play more than just the round ball will possibly keep them from winning the award; however, I hope this contest allows SVC fans one last opportunity to grasp what we have watched on the hardwood over the past four years.

With Driggs, you are talking about one of the league’s all-time best champions. As a four time SVC champion, Driggs was the league’s best scorer on one end, and in my opinion, one of the league’s top defenders on the other. As far as Legg, I still do not think people around the league realize just how good this kid has been over the past four years. As the ninth best scorer in SVC history, Legg also finished as the all-time assists leader in Piketon history, and he did nothing but win and win consistently in terms of team accomplishments. All totaled, the fact that they do play just one sport probably keeps them from getting my final vote, but make no mistake about it, they both are more than worthy of any and all recognition that comes their way for how they have dominated the SVC over the past four years.

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