I know this email is going to make me sound like a Unioto-hater, but three girls in the top five? Come on! Several other girls should have been on the list before some of them.

When the final preliminary votes were totaled, I have to admit I was surprised to see 60-percent of the final ballot made up of the purple and gold; however, when you break it all down, I feel the fans did a solid job. Anytime I get a question like this, I immediately start thinking the following: Who else should be on the list instead? Well, let’s take a look.

Most of Adena’s top female athletes are one-sport athletes. Paint Valley has a top-five and many of their others play just one or two sports. Piketon’s Alex Southworth is probably the biggest snub in my opinion, so any argument from the Redstreak Nation is somewhat legitimate in my opinion. Huntington and Southeastern both had down years in girls’ sports as many of their best athletes played only one sport. Finally, Westfall and Zane Trace had several one-sport athletes and their best teams were very balanced. With all this considered, the Unioto kids have every right to one of those five spots as any other kid in the league.

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