The biggest batch of emails over the past couple of weeks seems to be people asking about Ryan Wells being left off the all-league football squad. I have to admit this caught my attention within seconds of checking the list. I was looking at Trent Williamson, Isaac Brabson, and Ryan Wells to see who the coaches voted SVC Back of the Year. I had no problem with Williamson and Brabson sharing the honor when you consider team success as well as the statistical years for these two great signal callers; however, once I noticed the name Ryan Wells was not even on the list it was definitely a shock.

I guess my response to this returns me to an article I had written recently when selecting my volleyball team on the website. Our league has certain sports that are grossly being slighted in terms of the number of students being allowed to be selected. You add this with some other procedures that football uses that I totally disagree with, and this type of thing can happen. I know you will find some people who support the football format, but all I can say in response to that is that this level of “snub” would not happen in another sport.

I hate that a senior loses out on a chance to go to the all-league banquet. Obviously, a plaque doesn’t have to have his name on it to know that he is one of the best 27 players in the league this season. I say congrats to all the players selected because it was well deserved. All I am saying in response to the boatload of emails that have been sent in defense of Wells is that this is a format problem that needs to be changed.

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