Scheduling, holidays, weather, and OSU football all relate to SVC sports

Scheduling has been a dominate topic in the inbox – – here at SVCsportszone. As you heard on some of the early shows of our Triple Crown Family Fun Center SVC Sports Talk Podcast Show, the scheduling discussion starts with who you play and when you play them.

Who and When

For football, the SVC is a conference with seven of the 10 games done for you, so the three choices in the non-league can impact your program a great deal. In other sports it can paint your program’s picture even more so because the non-league schedule makes up even a bigger percentage. In basketball and volleyball it is 36% of your schedule and in baseball/softball it is nearly half.

In this perception-based discussion, those who follow the sports have a good idea of who ranks how, but to the average observer they simply ask the question: What is your record? This same question is often looked at in computer points and voting for postseason seeds.

Basketball scheduling has a mind of its own

Football equals practice Monday through Thursday, play Friday, film if needed on Saturday, take Sunday off, and do it again. Repeat that 10 times and then more if your team is good enough. Junior high will play Thursday, and junior varsity – which is becoming a discussion for another day is played on Saturday or Monday if at all. This is a sport that is “schedule friendly” and that has very consistent schedule throughout the season. As long as you know who and where that week you know the game is most likely at 7:30 p.m. on Friday night.

Volleyball has SVC set on Tuesday and Thursday, tri-matches on Saturday (play non-league on Monday/Wednesday if you choose). Junior high will play Monday and Wednesday.

Baseball/Softball plays league on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with doubleheaders on Saturday (again, play non-league on Tuesday/Thursday if you choose). Sure, weather plays a HUGE part here, but the league has a set rule (like it or not) that is used to keep the season moving forward.

With basketball, the girls play Tuesday and Thursday – well sometimes Saturday too – and varsity games will usually start around 6 p.m. – well wait you will need to know if JV is playing two or four quarters, and if it is on Saturday you will need to know if it is a day game or a night game. As for boys, they play Friday and Saturday – well sometimes just one of those days and we will also throw in a Tuesday now and then. At least the game times are always consistent – well that is as long as the Buckeyes are not playing football or it is not one of the two all-day events. I guess this means I have no clue on how to describe the basketball schedule to fans.

Side Note: I know I am to be 100% SVC, 100% of the time here on SVCsportszone, but I have a problem as a sports fan. I am quite confused over the concept that drives college football, so maybe our intelligent SVC fans can help me (call 740-569-3254 to leave your explanation/message for me).

What does it mean to be the Discover Orange Bowl Champion? Is it better to win the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl or lose the Allstate Sugar Bowl? Is it better to lose in the Vizio BCS National Championship or win the Rose Bowl game presented by Vizio?

Let me return to the SVC! Do you wish schools would do more scheduling accommodations to high school basketball to allow you the fans a chance to watch Ohio State football? Is this just “big games” such as the conference championship, the annual bowl game, or does it include the Purdue game in November?

Other issues in the inbox

In all honesty, this is why scheduling takes on a life of it own. If you ask five different people, you will get five different philosophies. One person will say non-league should be based on travel distance or potential gate, but another person will say play teams you feel your team can consistently compete against. Some say no games over the holidays can allow everyone a complete vacation, but another person looks at two weeks without games as a formula for disaster.

Speaking of weather and holidays, a few fans have asked about practicing on snow days as well as Sundays. Well first these two topics are two different debates. Sundays have taken on a much different view in the landscape of sports during this generation. The new little league philosophies, AAU, club volleyball, and all sorts of other scheduling have taken us down a different road then we once knew. As for my opinion, I think when schools are directly involved Sunday mornings and Sunday evenings should be avoided, but I believe schools get themselves in a contradiction when they say high school teams can’t practice but their gyms are filled for four hours with little league games. I think again the ultimate fix comes when the different perspectives join together. I have no problem if an administration says no practice on Sunday, but they can also help coaches and players by making sure the gyms are available on Saturdays and that high school games are avoided on Mondays.

As for snow days, I feel it is a must that the words “not mandatory” are used from coaches to players. If coaches and/or administration feel that the majority of the roads are safe for travel, I feel that parents have to share in the responsibility. If a student-athlete has practice and a parent is unable to provide transportation or they feel their roads are unsafe then they need to keep their child home. If a coach wants to have a non-mandatory workout and the majority of players (with parent input) can make it safely then this really is not a big deal.

This weekend will see the return of the Triple Crown Family Fun Center SVC Sports Talk Podcast Show. Let us know your thoughts on the above topics as well as other things on your mind.

Call 740-569-3254 and leave your thoughts. We will always leave your name out of the audio used on the show.

Other topics fans are talking about . . . What to make of 2013 for each basketball team and what is the outlook in 2014? Early frontrunners for POY? Unioto/WF girls match-up? Who is the best team in boys and will they still be the best come February?

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