2018 Playoff Poetry
By Shayne Combs,
Bainbridge football in November –
beware of Ghost Copperas on the mountain.
He gets a little thirsty this time of year,
and likes to sip from the playoff fountain.

He sits and cheers for his Cats
and tries not to interfere,
but fourth quarter things in years past
makes me believe that he is near.

The latest example of this magic
came in Week 10 while winning gold.
It was McFADDEN from both sides of the ball,
and the perfect story had been told.

Now COACH HOLLON leads his team
down a familiar playoff road.
He knows his team is complete
and can carry all the load.

This o-line can destroy defenses;
It’s like they are slice’n and dice’n.
They give a little METTLER and COCKRELL
and then a steady dose of ISON.

Could you load the box?
I wouldn’t on too many plays!
The Cats have a NEW(LAND) type of signal caller,
and he now wins in different ways.

In closing, let’s talk defense!
COACH COOP’S group is elite.
They make points so hard to come by;
It makes the Bearcats tough to beat.

Friday at George Knisley Memorial –
Let’s all be some gracious hosts.
I just hope the visiting Bobcats
aren’t afraid of ghosts.
Pictures by Derrick Webb
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