2018 Playoff Poetry = PART TWO
By Shayne Combs,
It was to be playoff football at Paint Valley, but Mother Nature never agreed,
so we found some Herrnstein turf to take advantage of our speed.
The running of ISON, METTLER, and COCKRELL have had us all a talking,
but perhaps it is time for more of a mention to go to the o-line blocking.
The holes are truck-size, and the resistance has not been much.
I think many of Friday’s TD runs would have been so in two-hand touch.
We have PETEY, SMITH, HILL, and ALLEY providing us the thrills.
We have FOWLER and the HACKSAW, and the all-league center MILLS.
Grandview tried to adjust to the run game, but the PV play-calling had some mix,
as BRYCE went a little play action, and found his friend MACKY for six.
On the other side Lachey was nice, but I have a fourth-quarter theory.
Perhaps the ghosts of PV playoff past had him feeling leery . . .
and when the snap appeared to drop – falling out of IANN’S hands,
could it have been Ghost Copperas making a road appearance with some different plans?

I certainly love sports, but I have learned there is more than football we need.
A reminder we all get from the incredible story from our friend Coach Reed.
As I enjoyed a celebratory hug with my friend, my eyes began to water.
I thought of his journey, as well as his wife, his two sons, and his daughter.
As I walked to the car, I found myself starting to hold back some tears,
but I smiled instead as I thought about how, he has taught us to take on our fears.
He has been such an inspiration to this school and to our team.
It has reminded us all the importance in life to always chase a dream.

This team’s goal moves to the Sweet 16 where Shadyside will await.
We plan to tame some Tigers and head to the elite round of eight.
Now the state’s calculations for traveling are certainly a bit confusing,
but even though we have twice as far to travel, our crowd advantage will still be amusing.
Pack up your black and gold – wear your Bearcat spirit proud –
Make the long trip over to Zanesville, and make sure your voice is loud.
Will the Bearcats win this game? Let me see my crystal ball.
Why yes, the reading tells me, and they might just win it all.