Starting five of the past 30 years
While we all wait patiently for sports to return, let’s have a little fun.
This activity is highlighting the very best to hit the hardwood for boys’
basketball in the last 30 years. I have mentioned on SVC Sport Talk
several times in the past decade that I feel like I should always stop at
1990 when looking back on SVC history. I love listening and learning
about the league before that time, but when it comes to truly analyzing
the history, the past 30 years is a span I can properly recall as a
player, a coach, or just a fan.

In this particular game, you get a chance to play Scioto Valley
Conference General Manager. You have 20 points to build your team.
Your squad must consist of a PG, two wings, and two post players. I
would love for you to share your team on Twitter using the
#SVCSportsTalk. Please remember, these things on the website are
simply used to showcase our league’s history, and I am the first to
admit that I am always going to leave worthy candidates off the list.

In fact, I think sometimes what shows the amazing depth of our league
is when I stop to consider who I leave out of this process. Think about
these names with me for a second. These are names I spent hours
thinking about, talking to several other people about, and then finally
being forced to complete my list without them.

Chad Lytle, Thom Patete, Elijah McCloskey, and Kyle Vulgamore were
all great point guards in the past 30 years. In the post, Nick Milliken
was a Player of the Year. Paint Valley had a long line of good post
players with names from Cawley and Newland, to Bobb, to McCloy,
and now another Newland. How about Nick Nesser at Zane Trace? I
am not sure we ever had a chance to watch him at 100%. Perhaps my
biggest snub would be Tanner Perdue and his 1,500 career points.
This doesn’t even include a two-time POY like Nick Corcoran or
extremely talented scorers like Cody Smith, Clay Stratton, Kyle Miller,
or Clay Roll. In fairness to all of these players left off my list, you – the
GM – can also use any player (again, from 1990 to now) for one point
when completing your team.
PG (Pick 1)
7 = Eric Caudill, Piketon (1992)
6 = Evan Legg, Piketon (2011)
5 = Chris Beard, Zane Trace (1996)
4 = Josh Kellough, Huntington (2008)
3 = Logan Swackhammer, Unioto (2018)
2 = Doug Williams, Piketon (1999)
1 = Kirk Maxwell, Zane Trace (2010)

POST (Pick 2)
7 = Dylan Swingle, Paint Valley (2018)
7 = Jason Cruse, Unioto (1995)
5 = Chris Skaggs, Southeastern (2003)
5 = Mike Adams, Southeastern (1990)
3 = Tyler Schleich, Westfall (2000)
3 = Kevin Netter, Southeastern (1999)
1 = Jeremiah Oates, Huntington (2006)
1 = JB Edwards, Huntington (2001)

WINGS (Pick 2)
7 = Matt Combs, Unioto (1992)
7 = Cam Evans, Zane Trace (2020)
5 = Aaron Skeens, Southeastern (1990)
5 = Pierce Mowery, Zane Trace (2016)
3 = Johnathon Thomas, Adena (2016)
3 = Craig Kerns, Paint Valley (1993)
1 = Mike Fout, Unioto (1996)
1 = Tyler Barbee, Southeastern (1999)
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Starting five of the past 30 years